About Us

I started this company in March of 2014. I was trying to find a treatment for eczema for my husband. He had a severe cast of eczema. So I did some research on eczema. Then I did more research on different types of soap to buy at the store. We bought Cetaphil soap and lotions, and it soothe if for a while but he went back to itching, flaking and red painful skin irritation. Then I ran across homemade natural soap. Hmmm, I was curious on how to make soap. The first video I look at was Annie Marie from Soap Queen. She told her story about how she worked a 9 to 5 job and was unhappy. She realizes that she could make soap for a living, and so on. So I watched all of her videos and how to make soap. I was so amazed. Then I ran across Ariane Arsenault videos and my mind was blown away. I wanted to move to Canada just so I could sit beside her and watch her make soap. So I went to Michael's and bought my first soap kit. Well it was a disaster and a disappointment. Well the crock-pot from Michael’s was aluminum so the soap exploded and went everywhere. So I watch more Videos from Jen A&N's Suds-N-Such & Be Scented, More videos, Kimberly McNutt essential soap, Katie Carson Royalty Soaps. So I just cried because I wanted to start my own soap business. I thought to myself Katie make the best High Top Soap in the world. These people that inspire me to make soap. So I watch more videos from Holly Missouri River Soap. I have been watching them for 7 years and I watch their videos over and over again so that I can be like them. 

I wish I could meet all of them one day. I wish I could be where they are wright now in their business I don't have all the equipment but I will get there.  I'm just starting out and it take a lot of money. I have been saving for tools and equipment. I want to debt free on my equipment. 

Well it is 2020 now and I was laid off in 2019 after 19 ½ years at a company. Well that just goes to show you that you can't retire from work. It is now time to start a chapter of my own. 

Thanks to the following Soaper’s that I have mention you guys have inspired me. 

I want to thank my Heavenly Father, Husband and Family for your Support & Love. Thanks so much for everything you guys are the best. 

Oh by the way I did make soap for my husband.